Press Install July 2020

As part of Advanced Rural’s commitment to upgrading the Feedmill one of the major projects was to install a higher capacity press to replace the existing press.

An Andritz Paladin 1600 press was purchased that has the capacity to manufacture up to 20 tonnes per hour of pelleted feed. This is a major investment, but one that was required as this project will provide more capacity out of the Feedmill and return manufacturing efficiencies.

This project commenced on the 27th July 2020 and was very successful. We had to maneuver a 5.2 tonne machine through the roof and then in and around existing machinery to final install. Due to excellent engineering directives, electrical and engineering tradespeople including our own staff we had the new press installed well before the planned finish.

Press picked up by crane to begin lowering through the roof onto the press floor.


Press being carefully lowered through the roof. This was a critical stage as it was a bit windy, but thanks to some great work between the crane operator and his dog man we got the press down without damaging anything. 

Press is now in place and is currently operational.