Bagging Bin Upgrade

Advanced Rural is committed to a continuous improvement culture and has implemented a development strategy to upgrade the feedmill, to increase production capacity and to continuously improve our quality. Advanced Rural is committed to spending capital so that our end user product is consistent in quality, delivered in full and on time, always.

The first phase in this journey was the existing bagging bins. We needed to increase capacity and greatly improve the quality of our bagged product. This project incorporated replacing existing bins with 3 x 6 tonne stainless steel bins, new sieve and elevator to remove excess fines and contaminants from our bagged product prior to bagging. 

Old bagging bins removed in preparation for the new stainless steel bins and drag conveyor to be installed.

Contractors assembling new bagging bin supports that make up the framework for the bins.

New bagging bins and drag conveyor being moved into place.

New sieve and elevator in place.