DDC Conditioner Install Project

This project enabled Advanced Rural to increase the steam conditioning of the mash feed by threefold. The cooking process using steam causes a gelatinisation process of the starch in the grains. This gelatinisation bonds with proteins and this process greatly increases the durable properties of pellets after they have been pressed through the pellet press. In easy terms….a more durable, hard pellet that can handle transportation and multiple handling to hold the pellet form so the animal receives the very best in pellet quality.
By double conditioning this allows Advanced Rural to use grains that are difficult to pelletise and form durable and high quality pellets.

New DDC Conditioner has arrived and work started on stripping down in preparedness for visual checks before installation.Existing conditioner raised to allow for install of new press as well the start of the DDC conditioner install project.New DDC Conditioner installed including new feeder auger, press bin augers and chutes. The DDC conditioner now feeds into the existing conditioner and each conditioner has its own steam control valves and steam lines.